International students of Hantang Culture Online Academy of Xi’an hold Spring Festival activities


(Reported by Zhai Xinyu, Photo by Wei Lin, Zhai Xinyu, XRTU Journal)

In order to promote the traditional Chinese culture inheritance, build a happy and harmonious campus atmosphere, and expand the impact of calligraphy culture, Hantang Culture Online Academy of Xi’an organized activities to celebrate Chinese Spring Festival. On the afternoon of on January 16, 2020, the Launch Ceremony of Traditional Chinese Landscape Painting Course and Spring Festival Party were held in a smart classroom of XRTU. Activities included paper-cutting and Spring Festival couplets and character “Fu (Luck)” writing were held, aiming to help international students have an in-depth understanding of traditional Chinese culture with first-hand experience and to take this opportunity to express the New Year wishes to each other.   

Students’ calligraphy practice

Teacher’s demo

With the melody of Blooming Flowers and Full Moon -- a traditional Chinese song, twenty-one students from 12 countries wearing traditional Chinese costumes gathered in a smart classroom full of Spring Festival decorations. Liu Shuyu, XRTU’s teacher, introduced in detail about the history and development of Spring Festival couplets, rules of writing Spring Festival couplets and character “Fu (Luck)” and collecting and giving “Fu” as gifts to others, and paper-cutting. Students learned the history, functions, contents, styles, and meanings of Spring Festival couplets as well as the basic knowledge about the Scholar’s Four Treasures, i.e., writing brushes, ink sticks, papers, and ink-stones, and auxiliary tools like writing-brush washer, paperweight, pen rack, pen container, and felt pad.

Students are writing Spring Festival couplets

Students send their best calligraphy work as gifts to teachers

Students started to write Chinese characters under teachers guidance. They chose a Spring Festival couplet to imitate, with the left roll writing “Hundreds of generations have passed, today is the best”, the right roll “Great changes have taken place, today is the newest”, and the top roll “Fresh and Gay”. Red paper-cut flowers were “blooming” one after another in students’ hands, bringing the wishes of “booming and prosperity” to the new year in this cold winter. The Spring Festival party was ended after all participants expressed their blessings and best wishes to each other.


Students’ calligraphy work

Calligraphy and paper-cutting works by teachers and studets

Group photo

On the afternoon of January 14, 2020, Song Feng, head of Hantang Culture Online Academy of Xi’an, Fu Qiuhui, and Zhai Xinyu went to the Xi’an Guanzhong Folk Art Museum for investigation. Song Feng met with Zhang Bingdao, vice curator of Xi’an Guanzhong Folk Art Museum, Chang Jianghao, director of Study Tour Department, Xi’an International Travel Service Group, and discussed the cooperation relevant to study tour, research, and publicity.  

XRTU’s delegation visits Xi’an Guanzhong Folk Art Museum.

Song Feng led another delegation visited the School of International Education, Northwest University.