XRTU’s teachers participated in the Chinese International Education Information Construction Conference held by The Open University of China



Conference Scene


Conference Scene


Song Feng is speaking at the Conference

(Reported by Liu Shuyu, Gao Chu, XRTU Journal)

On the morning of May 29, 2019, The Open University of China (OUC) held the "Chinese International Education Information Construction" conference in Wukesong Headquarters. The conference centered on the construction of international Chinese education and management platform, clarified responsibilities of each party in cooperation, aiming to promote internationalized education and information construction. Attendants to the conference include Yang Xiaotang, vice president of The Open University of China, Zhou Jiping, president of Chengdu Radio and Television University, Chen Shu, vice president of Ningbo Radio and Television University, Liu Zhanrong, director of the OUC ’s Department of International Languages and Culture Education, Yuan Yaxing, director of the OUC’s Information Technology Department, Wang Shuo, deputy director of the Chinese Language Centre, Department of International Languages and Culture Education, and other staff and faculty of OUC and the Huaqiao College of Chengdu Radio and Television University. Two XRTU staff, Song Feng, director of the Hantang Culture Online Academy of Xi’an, and Guo Gang, director of the Center for Education Technology and Resources, also attended the conference. The conference was presided over by Liu Zhanrong.

At the conference, Yang Xiaotang delivered a speech, in which he stressed the theme of the conference. From the views of the thinking model of teaching, he put forward specific requirements for the platform construction of international Chinese education. Liu Zhanrong introduced the construction of OUC’s Chinese international education program and platform upgrading. Yuan Yaxing briefed related information technology support. Wang Shuo elaborated the construction of international Chinese teaching program and the current situation of international cooperation and exchange.

Zhou Jiping gave specific suggestions on system construction, co-construction and sharing mechanism, concrete measures, and problems remained in the platform. Chen Shu introduced the current teaching organization and platform maintenance in the Ningbo Branch of Huaqiao College. Mao Dan, who came from the Huaqiao College of Chengdu Radio and Television University, brought her opinions on promoting the construction of Huaqiao College and the optimization, construction, and problems of the platform.

Song Feng gave a speech at the conference. She introduced the establishment background and current situation of the Hantang Culture Online Academy of Xi’an and the OUC’s Xi’an Branch of Huaqiao College. Focusing on the conference’s theme, Song gave a detailed explanation of XRTU’s educational cooperation, expert think-tank construction, curriculum resources construction and integration, platform module function upgrading, online/offline teaching activities, and so on. She also introduced the platform, resources and application of the Hantang Online Chinese Learning Platform. In addition, she put forward advices in the maintaining the stability and convenience of the platform and its mobile terminal, as well as the resources updating and construction, improvement of big data statistical functions, language services upgrading, and other issues. Guo Gang provided his ideas for platform construction and the integration and iterative upgrading of technology and teaching.

The conference provided opportunities for all “brother radio & television universities” to learn the upgrading ideas and professional development of the OUC’s international Chinese education and teaching platform, which further strengthened the exchange and learning among these universities. Many attendants said that this conference assist them in broadening their horizons and deepening the mutual understanding between each other, which is helpful in future’s joint promotion of internationalized education and information construction.