XRTU’s Teaching Affairs Department holds a meeting to push forward development of Hantang Culture Online Academy of Xi’an


(Reported by Yi Shang, XRTU Journal)

In order to push forward the development of Hantang Culture Online Academy of Xi’an  (hereinafter referred to as "Hantang Academy"), leaders of XRTU’s Teaching Affairs Department held a video conference with Hantang Academy’s staff on the morning of August 28, 2020. Zhu Tong, head of Teaching Supervision Office, Teaching Affairs Department, presided over the conference. Attendees indcluded Song Feng, director of Scientific Research Department, Shi Yongzhe, director of Teaching Affairs Department, Chen Shengbing, staff of Language and Law Section of Teaching Affairs Department, and other teachers of Hantang Academy.  

Video conference

At the conference, Zhu Tong explained responsibilities of each department of Hantang Academy after institutional restructuring and called for all staff to insist hard-working and innovation to fulfill the duties in supporting the realization of annual goals of the Academy. In particular, she stressed that this year’s work has been affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all members should seize the time and complete the annual goals on schedule. Song Feng introduced the progress of platform-based online teaching and resources development, and pointed out the financial difficulties of this year after budget adjustment and relevant solutions. She said that the work of Hantang Academy was impacted this year due to the pandemic, making the work schedule extremely tight. All staff of the Academy should be clearly aware of current situation, clarify the responsibilities, make concerted efforts, and do the best to complete the goals of the Academy and establish the brand of international Chinese language online education. Teachers such as Chen Shengbing, Liu Shuyu, and Fei Na put forward their suggestions on specific work and determined solutions with other attendees after discussion. Professor Shi Yongzhe pointed out that the development of Hantang Academy is the key task of XRTU. It has particularities compared with general open education. Therefore, all members need to make joint efforts to complete all tasks with both quality and quantity guaranteed. At the same time, he stressed that it is necessary to determine the workload of everyone as soon as possible to ensure the smooth progress of all tasks.

This video conference helped all attendees further clarify the progress requirements and difficulties in the development of Hantang Academy, which laid a foundation for its future development.