Hantang Culture Online Academy of Xi’an holds online essays solicitation on “Xi’an in Foreigners’ Eyes”


(Reported by Zhai Xinyu, XRTU Journal)

In accordance with the notice of the Foreign Affairs Office of Xi’an Municipal People’s Government on soliciting stories about the life and experience of foreign friends related to friendly cultural exchange in Xi’an, XRTU recently organized students of Hantang Culture Online Academy of Xi’an to participate in this activity. Many students shared their stories online and 11 outstanding essays were selected and submitted to the Foreign Affairs Office of Xi’an Municipal People’s Government for further rating.

Some outstanding essays

Some outstanding essays

In the essays, students shared their experience of online Chinese learning and offline activities organized by XRTU. Shi Lin, one of the students, wrote in his essay, “What attracts me the most is the Hantang Online Chinese Learning Platform. After registration, I can learn a lot updated knowledge and be accessible to materials on Chinese history, culture, customs, and education, as well as lectures by experts and HSK-related information.” Zhou Xinwei, a student from Afghanistan, wrote that “The distinctive culture study tour of the Hantang Culture Online Academy helps me know more about Xi’an’s history, culture, and people’s life.”

The Essay by Shi Lin

The online essays solicitation is not only an enrichment of students’ after-school life, but also provides Hantang Culture Online Academy of Xi’an an opportunity to stimulate students’ enthusiasm and interests in Chinese language learning, expand their knowledge scope, and improve their Chinese language writing skills. Based on this activity, the Academy will also demonstrate its humanistic charm and reinforce the harmonious cultural atmosphere in the campus.