Vice Mayor of Xi’an visits XRTU



In the meeting


Xu Mingfei is giving an address


Wang Wei is presiding over the meeting


In the meeting


In the meeting

(Reported by Li Xinran, Wei Lin Photo by Yao Hui XRTU Journal)

In the afternoon of May 30, 2019, a delegation of Xi’an Municipal People’s Government led by Xu Mingfei, vice mayor of Xi’an, visited XRTU. The delegation met with the university’s staff and listened to their suggestions on XRTU’s development, hoping to assist XRTU to solve the problems that encountered in its course of development. Officials and staff of XRTU also attended the meeting. Wang Wei, deputy secretary-general of Xi’an Municipal Government, presided over the meeting.

Xu Mingfei and his delegation visited XRTU’s Civil Intelligent Learning Experience Center and Intelligent Classrooms to learn about the intelligent teaching in the university. He spoke highly of the advanced teaching concepts and intelligent learning facilities of XRTU, in particular, he affirmed the achievements made by the university after applying the intelligent learning system.

In the meeting, Li Bin, XRTU’s council member, extended his warm welcome to the delegation on behalf of the university. He also reported the basic situation of the university and main work carried out recently to the delegation. Li Bin briefed the history of XRTU and analyzed the problems the university had encountered from such aspects as development plan, efficiency in school management, education system building, scale of school-running, and transformation to be an open university. He said that XRTU has always been committed to providing multi-level degree and non-degree education programs. With the concept of open and sharing, mutual learning, and life-long learning, XRTU aims to create a large platform to serve all Xi’an citizens and to make contributions to improve the quality of citizens, build a learning-oriented city and a harmonious Xi’an. Meanwhile, Li also pointed out the difficulties the university has encountered in constructing its new campus, reinforcing and maintaining its existing campus, staffing, performance evaluation and so on.

Zhao Liling said in the meeting that XRTU is on its best time of development. With support of the government and efforts made by members of XRTU, the university has laid a solid foundation and ushered in the best opportunity for development. She expressed her hope that the Xi’an Municipal Government would continuously support XRTU, assisting XRTU to develop to be a university with the educational level consistent with the development of Xi'an and keep the existing reputation of the university in all aspects, so as to accelerate the development of XRTU and let it play a more important role in building a lifelong society and serve the development of Xi'an.

Xu Mingfei spoke highly of XRTU’s fruitful achievements. He said that Radio and Television University was born with the Reform and Opening-up Policy of China. It has helped enhance the core competitiveness of China on education and is able to share its experience of development since the Reform and Opening-up policy was proposed. He pointed out that XRTU has strong strength of education and has developed its characteristics in the course of development. XRTU has found its orientation, constructed a flat running system suitable for radio and television university in a central city, and created its brand in the field of continuous education and lifelong learning. It pioneers in this field and has won a good social reputation. With the rapid development, XRTU has made the 15-minute education easier to be achieved. It has more potential in continuous education and lifelong learning. Xu also expressed the hope that officials of all municipal departments should coordinate and support the reform and development of XRTU, assist XRTU to solve the problems encountered in its development course, and help the university achieve leapfrog development. Xu also added that he hopes XRTU could seize the opportunity when the government is making efforts to support the reform and development of universities. He expressed his expectation of a new open university suitable for this information and digital era. Officials of various municipal departments also said that they will support XRTU’s development.

Li Bin said that Xu Mingfei’s speech has drawn a grand blueprint for the future development of XRTU, which was encouraging. He expressed his heartfelt thanks to the officials of the municipal government and other relevant departments for their strong support to XRTU. On behalf of the University's administrative group, he said that all members of XRTU would make joint efforts to promote the construction of its new campus and repair of existing campuses. Hopefully, XRTU could better serve the citizens and the development of Xi’an.


Members of the delegation is experiencing XRTU’s VR equipment in Intelligent Classroom


The delegation is visiting XRTU’s Civil Intelligence Learning Experience Center


The delegation is visiting XRTU’s Civil Intelligence Learning Experience Center


The delegation is visiting XRTU’s Civil Intelligence Learning Experience Center


The delegation is visiting XRTU’s Intelligent Classroom